How to Watch RTM’s TV1 and TV2 Online

Not many people know this, but if you ever need to watch RTM over the Internet, you can! RTM has live video streaming for both TV1 and TV2.

Plus, on their site you get to watch other channels I have never even heard of, such as TVi (Astro – 180), which according to the description is a channel aimed not only towards the Sabahan and Sarawakian viewers but also to teenagers as well. Apparently all three share the same interests.

There is also Muzik Aktif,  which is like MTV but only showcase local artists.

Plus, all of RTM radio stations are available online too (KLfm, Suara Malaysia, Aifm, Asyikfm, KlasikNasional, Muzikfm, Minnafm, Traxxfm and Nasionalfm).

Aside from being able to watch live TV broadcast, you can also watch RTM programmes that you have missed via RTM’s Video On Demand site My Klik. This site allows you to watch recent shows that you’ve missed. Your Dramas, recent News, Documentaries,  recent budget announcement, etc it’s all there.

RTM Online Offering –

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  1. Thank you mrock.
    Fine, I can get it by searching the

    Anyway, if you can include in the dayly listing guide it is much better.

    Nearly years ago, I used to print your daily listing guide. But then you stop updating for quite sometime. Now is daily updated again, and I used to print weekly
    Thank you much.

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