How to watch TV3, 8TV, NTV7 and TV9 Online

With Media Prima’s Tonton,  you can now watch all their channels online. TV3, 8TV, NTV7 and tv9 are all available via the Internet in all it’s live streaming glory.

Not only are you able to watch  TV3, 8TV, NTV7 and tv9 online, there is also this channel called RT Global (Russia Today Global). An international Russian news channel, that will give you a Russian take, on current world events. Because it never hurts to get a Russian perspective on things.

They also have Video on Demand offers available at Tonton. Some content you have to pay for, others are free.

Media Prima’s Tonton:
UPDATE 14 February 2015: You now have to register to tonton to view tv3, 8tv, ntv7 and tv9 online.

34 thoughts on “How to watch TV3, 8TV, NTV7 and TV9 Online

  1. Used to be able to access the TV schedule. But now whenever we click on Schedule some movies will appear and no schedule is seen. Can’t watch any live TV. When you click on any of the TV station (8TV, ntv7 or tv3) using the computer, unable to view. Currently only able to view through my handphone.

  2. This is just a piece of crap… live tv unwatchable.. I live in Malaysia using 2mb speed and logged in to the website still cannot watch..

  3. Just to complaint tentang credit akaun tonton….today (24/09/2015)…3 kali account saya dikreditkan,,,tetapi tak dapat tonton movie ….. Akaun ditolak,,,,

    Please response ….coz every deduction,,,rm3….kalau dah 3 kali,,, rm9,,,,

    please take action…

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