How to Watch Astro Online

Although Astro on the Go is meant for subscribers to watch Astro channels on their mobile devices, you can also use this service to watch Astro online on your regular PC!

The service was launched in May 2012 and is currently free for now, let’s hope it stay free forever for Astro subscribers.

Registering for any online service is always a pain, but if you are already an ASTRO subscriber, I recommend doing it anyway, if only so that you can still watch TV in bed on your tablet, when your kids/wife/husband/mom/dad/in-laws are ‘conquering’ your flatscreen.

After registering, based on your current Astro subscription, 19 channels will be available to you. The ‘Catch Up’ feature allows you to watch any recent shows you may have missed and ‘My Library’ holds a collection of all the movies you have purchased via Pay Per View in last 48 hours.

One word of warning if you are using a mobile device: unless you have an extensive mobile Internet plan, you’d be better off connecting via your existing available WiFi broadband . Video streaming is kinda heavy, and riding your 3G all day long, can get pretty expensive.

Another limitation is that you can only use this service from within Malaysia, so you can’t take your Astro with you on holiday, sorry.

Astro’s – Astro On the Go:

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